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Bar Count / Bars Ago


This code will draw the CurrentBar number above each individual bar, and the BarsAgo number bellow each individual bar.


Use Case:

  • When NinjaTrader tells you there is an error on bar X you can use this to determine exactly where the error occured.
  • When you want to know exactly how many bars ago you want to draw something, or execute something, this can be used to check the bars.
					public TotalBarsCheck = true;
public BarsAgoCheck = true;

protected override void OnBarUpdate()
	if (TotalBarsCheck)

	if (BarsAgoCheck)

private void TotalBars()
	Draw.Text(this, "Total Bars " + CurrentBar, CurrentBar.ToString(), 0, High[0] + 1 * TickSize, TBBrush);

private void BarsAgo()
    // The zeroith bar is the last completed bar when calculating on bar OnBarClose
    // The zeroith bar is the current developing bar otherwise
	if (Calculate == Calculate.OnBarClose)
		Draw.Text(this, "Bars Ago " + CurrentBar, (Count - CurrentBar - 2).ToString(), 0, Low[0] - 1 * TickSize, BABrush);
	else if (Calculate == Calculate.OnEachTick || Calculate == Calculate.OnPriceChange)
		Draw.Text(this, "Bars Ago " + CurrentBar, (Count - CurrentBar - 1).ToString(), 0, Low[0] - 1 * TickSize, BABrush);