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Matrix Dot Product


Calculate the dot product of two matrices.



DotProduct(double[,] matrix1, double[,] matrix2);



matrix1: The first 2d array.

matrix2: The second 2d array.



In order to calculate the dot product of tow matricies, the number of columns of the first matrix must equal the number of rows of the second matrix.

					/// <summary>
/// Calculates the dot product of two 2d martrices.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="matrix1">The first 2d array.</param>
/// <param name="matrix2">The second 2d array.</param>
/// <remarks>The first arrays number of columns must be equal to the second arrays number of rows.</remarks>
/// <returns> 
/// The dot product of two 2d matrices as a 2d array.
/// </returns>
private static double[,] DotProduct(double[,] matrix1, double[,] matrix2)
    var Rows1 = matrix1.GetLength(0);
    var Cols1 = matrix1.GetLength(1);
    var Rows2 = matrix2.GetLength(0);
    var Cols2 = matrix2.GetLength(1);
    if (Cols1 != Rows2)
        throw new InvalidOperationException
            ("Dot product is undefined. The number of columns of first matrix must equal to the number of rows of second matrix.");

    double[,] product = new double[Rows1, Cols2];
    for (int row1 = 0; row1 < Rows1; row1++) // iterate through the first matrices rows
        for (int col2 = 0; col2 < Cols2; col2++) // iterate through the second matrices columns
            for (int col1 = 0; col1 < Cols1; col1++) // iterate through the first matrices columns
                product[row1, col2] += matrix1[row1, col1] * matrix2[col1, col2];

    return product;