Tyche Trading



Are the indicators open source?

We use the indicators and subscriptions as a way to fund our other projects such as the open source neural network. For this reason we decided to hide the source code of our indicators. Though much of the code is visible in our Code Repository which our Alpha Members have access to.


Do the indicators work with the free version of NinjaTrader?

They do work with the free verison, however the automate strategy features will require a license to NinjaTrader.


Are the indicators available for other platforms other than NinjaTrader?

We do not currently offer the indicators for other trading platforms other than NinjaTrader.


Do you offer free trials?

Each indicator product page has the option to download a free 7 day trial. The install process for these indicators is exactly the same as purchased indicators


Can I use the indicators on more than one computer?

We only allow one computer to have access to each purchase of the indicators. One license key per machine.


What happens if I get a new computer?

Reach out to our support team for assistance at “info@tychetrading.io”